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Being diagnosed with leukemia gave author Danny Torres deep strength to accomplish more in life and is the reason LIVE GREEN LIVE STRONG Plant based supplement line was founded.

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Read about his battle with cancer, how he overcame it all to become the man he is today. Hopefully his story can inspire you to make the most of the life you have. Cancer: My Unseen Gift is a powerful true story and guide to help others change their mindset and never give up in any aspect of life, from health to wealth and beyond. I believe you can hack your cells to live a better, longer, healthier life. You can change your mindset at any given time once you challenge your belief system. When I was told I only had a couple of years left to live at age 24, life stopped for a moment. I was suddenly staring death in its face and had so much more to give with my life. I decided to fight and win. This book is my story. 80% of it is based on Mindset Transformation. It will help you with limiting beliefs. Once you change your mindset, you change your outlook on health and wealth. Start with appreciating life on a daily basis, and never give up the fight.